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Seeing a Home for What It Is

A good home should provide shelter, stability, and complete peace of mind by ensuring that your family is able to enjoy a safe and secure living space. At Trust Inspection Services, we recognize and value the distinctive qualities of a good home. Our comprehensive home inspection is designed to familiarize you with a home’s systems and layout while meticulously evaluating the overall condition of the property—putting you one step closer to a sensible and satisfying investment.

Helping You Understand

Within 24 hours of your completed home inspection, you can access a detailed report of our findings by logging in on our website. The report will contain clear and concise descriptions of the inspected components and any defects that were discovered, including pertinent photographs wherever necessary. We’re excited to provide our clients with access to the unprecedented and highly-functional Create Request List™ (CRL™) feature by HomeGauge.

What Can the CRL™ Do for You?

  • Transform your report into a powerful resource for communicating with the seller of a home by effortlessly creating an itemized project and repair request list
  • Build your list by simply clicking through the automated prompts to request monetary coverage, repair, or replacement of the defective component in question
  • Work together on the list with your real estate agent to ensure that your requests of the seller are feasible, necessary, and conducive to a successful outcome to negotiations
Example Inspection Report on iPhone

Quality Home Inspections in Eastern Kansas

We proudly serve homebuyers and sellers in Eastern Kansas, including Flint Hills, Manhattan, Junction City, and Wamego.

Trust Inspection Services understands the importance of a home that holds up to the buyer’s needs and expectations. Our priority is to provide a professional home inspection that won’t gloss over any details—ensuring that you’ll have all of the information you need to make a great investment. Contact us today to request your inspection.

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